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  发布时间:2019/2/28 14:37:01

  昨日,德国最大的酒店集团玛丽蒂姆Maritim Hotels与浙江平湖经济技术开发区在平湖市经开大厦共同举办了“2019 携手平湖 创智未来 中欧(德)企业新春见面会暨平湖玛丽蒂姆酒店签约仪式”, 开启了平湖经济技术开发区与欧洲(德国)企业深化合作的2019新篇章。

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作为家族企业,该公司的投资组合在过去10余年内经历了快速的国际扩张,旗下还设有玛丽蒂姆旅游公司,为宾客提供酒店、会议、机票、租车、导游及其他全方位的服务。另外,玛丽蒂姆实现了在德国创建全国性酒店网络的目标后,组建成立了HMS公司发展并管理德国之外的酒店项目。目前该品牌已经遍及荷兰、西班牙、保加利亚、马耳他、毛里求斯、土耳其、 埃及和中国。这次携手浙江平湖经济技术开发区,也表现出玛丽蒂姆布局长三角,在中国扩展品牌的坚定信心。


玛丽蒂姆酒店集团HMS公司CEO Peter Wennel表示:“2019年是玛丽蒂姆酒店集团成立50周年的日子,我们很高兴在这一历史性时刻迎来平湖玛丽蒂姆酒店这位家庭新成员。50年来,我们始终坚持全球如一的品质要求,让遍布欧、亚、非的商务及休闲旅行客户感到满意。建成后的平湖玛丽蒂姆酒店,除了将服务园区内的企业和客人外,还将进一步辐射上海、杭州、嘉兴等地,充分发挥其五星级酒店的区位优势。”



Yesterday, Maritim Hotels, the largest owner managed German Hotel Group tied the knot today with Zhejiang Pinghu Economic-Technological Development Zone to build the Pinghu Maritim Hotel, and this has opened a new chapter of deepening cooperation between Pinghu Economic and Technological Development Zone and European (German) enterprises.

On the verge of Shanghai, and in the core area of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Belt, Pinghu has become the home of China's advanced manufacturing enterprises, and also a model city of Sino-German economic cooperation. Along with ThyssenKrupp, DB Schenker and other Fortune 500 companies settling into Pinghu, the country aggregation effect represented by Germany has been preliminarily formed. In the future, Pinghu will further strengthen its cooperation with European enterprises, creating a world-class, open and efficient business environment, and building the future of Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing highland.

A world-class business environment is the superposition of high quality hardware and software, therefore Pinghu Economic-Technological Development Zone and Maritim Hotels Group decided to build Pinghu Maritim Hotel, which will optimize the industrial ecology and environment of the Economic-Technological Development Zone while proving Maritim service not only for all corporations in Pinghu, but also for the incoming visitors & investors to Pinghu.

Since its founding in 1969, the German best known hotel chain now enjoys an international reputation. The comprehensive portfolio includes centrally located city hotels, conveniently located airport hotels, coastal beach resorts, course-adjoining golf hotels and parkland spa hotels. While every property is uniquely individual with its own advantages, they are united under Maritim's motto of “German quality & Meetings and accommodation under one roof”. When it comes to event facilities, no other private company in Germany can match Maritim's collection of congress halls and meeting rooms.The elegant accommodation, state of the art event rooms, award winning restaurants, sought-after pubs and comprehensively equipped wellness facilities have made the name "Maritim" synonymous with German hospitality excellence.

As a family owned and run company, the company's portfolio has also experienced rapid expansion in the last decade, including its full service travel agency--Maritim Hotel Travel Services, and HMS-Hotel Management Services International GmbH, a company that focuses on acquiring management contracts for hotels overseas. The initiative yielded quick and impressive results-and the list of destinations abroad now flying the Maritim flags includes Netherlands,Spain,Bulgaria, Malta, Mauritius, Egypt, Turkey and China.The partnership with Pinghu Economic-Technological Development Zone has further approved its brand development overseas.

Hongtian HU, the Director of The Administrative Committee of Pinghu Economic-Technological Development Zone, said: “Pinghu has a wealth of experience working with European and German companies, we will further strive to create a better business environment, and to attract more outstanding enterprises. We will continually integrate resources, form a joint effort to become a new driving engine for the development of Hangzhou Bay and Yangtze River Delta Economic Belt. Together with Maritim Hotel Group, we will build a home for our Pinghu Enterprises, and show the Pinghu charm internationally. ”

“2019 is Maritim Hotels’ 50th anniversary, and at this historic moment we are delighted to welcome our new member of the family--the Pinghu Maritim Hotel. In 50 years, we always adhere to the global quality requirements, ensure our guests to receive the highest satisfaction. ” Said Peter Wennel, CEO of Maritim HMS. He also mentioned that the upcoming Pinghu Maritim Hotel, in addition to provide services for Pinghu enterprises and guests, it will also further radiate Jiaxing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other cities, to give full play to its five-star hotel location advantages.

It is reported that Pinghu Maritim Hotel is scheduled to open in 2022。






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